The Menu Chef Davide Palluda

In the months of October and November, Ristorante “All’Enoteca” will also be open for lunch on Sunday.

Born in the prestigious lands of the Langa and Roero, Davide Palluda’s gastronomical expertise is the result of study, work experience and contact with the finest Italian and international cuisine.

Solid cultural preparation is transformed into a personal cooking style with clear characteristics: a cuisine that narrates the territory, without being trapped in the rhetoric of tradition. A cavalcade of local flavours and colours, with the aim of reconciling tradition and innovation, country-style wisdom and modern taste, documentation and research.

The menu has been created to tell a story and offer a description of the Roero district and its cultural relations with the Langa, Liguria and the Turin of the Royal House of Savoy.
Harmony as a guiding light and compass for the whole journey.

An inner joy released by the happiness that a dish can inspire. The subtle pleasure that derives from that sense of constant pressure: with every client and every mouthful. These are my days at the “Enoteca”.

With an aim that will require a lifelong commitment: that of getting as close as possible to the flavour of the vegetable soup made by Sister Angela, who used to cook here when the restaurant was a kindergarten.
It is a flavour that accompanies me every day, like a lesson: a reference to simplicity and modesty. The worst thing you can do is reach a point where you think you’ve succeeded: you’ll never be able to make a soup that good!