Having grown up with Alba’s culture of Langa and Roero cuisine, Davide Palluda’s education and character oriented his professional training towards research and an aware and consistent innovation. Tradition and territory are the guiding light and compass of his activity, but they haven’t led him to form habits or become lazy and repetitive.

The meticulous research for raw materials, experimentation of the latest techniques and technologies in the kitchen, the application of the principles of dietary science to his menus, together with an openness towards the major cooking schools, have enabled him to revisit and revitalise traditional Langa and Roero cuisine, in accordance with today’s needs and pace of life.

The result is food with an evident personality, varied, fresh, colourful and balanced, which has taken “Ristorante All’Enoteca” (established in 1995) to the heights of Piedmontese and Italian cuisine, as acknowledged by the prestigious Michelin star since 2000.

I grew up among spanners and conversations about cars and engines. The garage, which had belonged to my grandfather, then to my father and his two brothers, overlooked the historical marketplace in Canale, with which it lived almost in symbiosis. I was what was commonly known as a nosey parker.


But my curiosity wasn’t so closely focused on carburettors and pistons as it was on stories of grape harvests, fabulous peaches, mysterious truffle hunts and distant markets. Words that I played at translating into aromas and flavours.


That’s where the roots of my early training lie: the love for creative crafts, cars, stories to listen to or explain, and business. In short: my feet are firmly planted on the Roero hills and my eyes are turned to dreams and to the world.