DP Laboratory Laboratorio DP

Davide Pallude’s taste philosophy is applied consistently also in the passage from the restaurant to the DP Laboratory, opened in 2006 together with his wife Annalisa. Here, raw materials, technology and research merge, with the aim of maintaining all the freshness and delicacy of the taste and primary aromas. The inspiration comes from two reflections which are as old as mankind: the idea of one season which thinks for the next one, and the concept/dream of preserving quality in time.

2000 was a turning point for me, both professionally and personally: young chef of the year for the Espresso, the Michelin star and my wedding with Annalisa. And with Annalisa’s help and inspiration, in 2006 I made the decision to bottle all those flavours which I’d been studying and offering in the restaurant.


A tribute to tradition, together with the desire to preserve everything which, in the restaurant, has a very fleeting life. The pleasure of researching and experimenting with new technologies. The wonderful thought of going home with the client. These are my days in the laboratory.

The restaurant and the laboratory are my life today, along with Annalisa and our three children, Francesco, Vittoria and Cecilia.